I got married over the weekend. The photos are coming soon but I didn't want to steal the spotlight today. Last night, I got a message from an ex-boyfriend saying he was disappointed he wasn't invited to my wedding. Was I rude for not inviting him? 

Here's a little back story:

I dated this guy back in high school. We broke up at the beginning of my senior year and I started dating someone new. The two of us didn't talk at all for about four years until we met up again just to say hello after discovering we both lived in Seattle. We were friends on Facebook but he hardly ever posted anything so we eventually fell out of touch again.

About five years later, I had Colton and out of the blue I heard from this guy again. It was a quick congratulations and that was it.

I moved to Denver for a year, followed by Nashville for four years and now I call Boise home. I separated, divorced, started dating again, got engaged, and a week before my wedding I hear from my high school ex boyfriend again. He's asking all these questions about my life. I'm happy to answer anything. That wasn't the problem. He's just writing me out of the blue and at the most random times.

I don't get a response and then, after my quick wedding weekend I get a response message from him. It included this:

I'm a little disappointed you didn't invite me. I would have loved to see you, your mom and brother.


I'm sorry, what? He can't be for real can he? Does one invite an ex to a wedding?

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