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Have you seen this video? There are so many like this circulating the internet and through social media right now, but this one hit me right in the stomach.

As I’m sure you already know, I recently spent time in the ICU at Saint Alphonsus because of a brain injury early last month. Our son, Lennox and my wife have both had more than their fair share of health struggles. All this to say, we are no strangers to hospital walls and to the incredible medical teams that so selflessly give day in and day out.

I’m not sure if these are Doctors or nurses or what their medical professions are, but beyond the incredible work they do and the countless lives they are saving, they are also just good people. They could have families at home. They might be afraid that they’ll take the virus back to their loved ones, I know I would be. But if I’ve learned anything through personal experiences, it’s that at the end of the day, bottom line, doctors, nurses, first responders, see this as their duty. To serve all of us. We all owe so much to them right now.

My son was rescued by our unbelievably heroic EMTs when he was 10 months old. We almost lost him but it was all the first responders, nurses and doctors that he's standing next to me right now showing me his building skills.

Lennox (Kekeluv's son)

I spent so much time in the hospital that I've always taken photos of them so I didn't forget. So many of those amazing nurses would show up to support our child abuse prevention events each year. They no longer are just people wearing scrubs to me anymore. I will forever consider them my heroes.

If you see any of these heroes in uniform or in scrubs, you never know what kind of a shift they are coming off of, or what they experienced that day. Just thank them. I've made a promise on-air and to myself to showcase them in one way or another. If you know of a first responder or someone making a difference please send me a photo and why they should be our hero of the day.

Please send it to me on my Instagram or Facebook. If you don't have one just shoot me an email to

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