Have you ever seen humans walking their dogs in the 100 plus degree weather? How's about the leisurely winter walk when it is 25 degrees out in the winter? The common thread I see here is that humans are dressed for the occasion and are always wearing shoes in extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately I see a lot of pets burning or freezing their paws off. I always think to myself, they have booties for the pets why aren't these people using them?

Unlike the booties maybe pet owners aren't aware of this. The Wildfires are creating harmful smoke that we all do our best to protect ourselves from however we fail to protect our doggos, well thanks to the K-9 Mask that' s a thing of the past. According to KIVI "this mask uses four layers of air filtration to block smoke particles from entering dogs’ lungs. It is shaped like a muzzle to fit over the dog’s mouth and nose."

You can buy the masks for $59.99 and they come in four sizes on the K-9 Mask website or on Amazon. Just in case you we're wondering the EPA and American Veterinary Medical Association say that smoke from wildfires can be harmful for pets.




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