If there's one thing I'm notorious for on Facebook, it's saving a ton of videos and articles. I've noticed that I don't really use my Facebook account much anymore. Sure, I scroll through it more than I should. But it isn't often that I actually post things - because, who cares?

Well, if I see a funny video, fun event, or an interesting article on Facebook, I always save it.  If you're like me, you're about to LOVE this feature on our all new 103.5 KISS FM App!

Below is a screenshot of how this will look in your app!


I'm excited about this FOR you, because so often we get articles up online and on our app for you about events, breaking concert news, and KISSclusive contests it can be easy to totally forget about them.  NOW tapping the little heart below an article can save them so you don't lose track of them, like a bookmark (see below).   Happy Saving!





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