As we (slowly) begin to say goodbye to winter--it's about time that we'll see people and families headed to the many outdoor options that Idaho has to offer for various activities.

A staple of Idaho outdoor activities? Campfires!

Few things are more comforting than the smell, the sound, and the feel of a warm campfire on a summer night in the Idaho wilderness.

What are you burning? Newspaper? Cardboard? Firewood?

You had better know about the '50 Mile Rule' before your next campfire because there could be fines in order for you!

Let's take a closer look at Idaho's '50 Mile Rule' that, in a way, bleeds over into a law of its own:

Beware of Idaho's '50-Mile' Rule or Be Fined!

Have you ever heard about this 'rule' and will it impact your next camping trip?

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You'll definitely want to keep all of these pointers in mind this summer!

While all of this may sound a little 'extra'--believe it or not, firewood can directly impact the health of our forests! No, authorities aren't hunting down campers to see where you obtained your firewood--but there is an expectation.

Invasive insects and diseases can latch on to your firewood and spread all over your favorite camping spots--which won't do your favorite spot any favors in the future. By brining your firewood along with you from afar, you risk contaminating Idaho's forests.

Are there any exceptions? Kind of.

Some manufacturers offer a 'heat treated' firewood that is, in the eyes of Idaho, legally 'compliant' because the logs were heated to a specific temperature for a certain amount of time. This process, allegedly, can kill insects and disease in and on the firewood.

To be clear--can you be fined for taking firewood more than 50-miles away? No. Can you be fined for spreading harmful bugs or disease because of what you're transporting--such as firewood? Yes.

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