I was on the air last night and while the commercials were playing--yes, this is what I do while they play--I was watching Instagram stories. It's not every day you see a FIRE in Boise and a friend of mine had a story on her Instagram that just looked way too intense. It was an apartment building that I have driven by hundreds of times--flames coming out of the windows--it was scary looking!

The fire was on the corner of Jefferson Avenue and 15th Street. Flames and smoke were seen billowing out of the second story and the Boise Fire Department was quick to respond.  Eight residents were displaced because of the extensive fire damage--most of it, to the roof. According to Channel 6 News, one man suffered from smoke inhalation but wasn't taken to the hospital.

Lucky for our community and the victims of this fire, there are organizations willing to help out.  The Boise Fire Fighters Local 149 Burnout Fund is one of them--this fund helps with food, clothing, hotel stays and other necessities. Another is the Idaho Red Cross.

If you would like to help the families displaced due to this fire that happened downtown Boise, you are encouraged to donate to either of these funds.

For more on the Burnout Fund, click HERE.

For more on the Idaho Red Cross, click HERE.

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