Believe it or not, MORE hotel rooms could be added to downtown Boise - a healthy sign of growth in our awesome city.

The hospitality industry has always fascinated me. While living and going to school in Spokane, Washington I was working at a radio station AND at a totally random hotel job.  There was never a dull moment, but some of the most chaotic days I remember from this job were on days that sports camps or concerts came to town. In many instances, you couldn't find a single hotel room anywhere within a 2 hour radius of Spokane. It seems here in Boise, the hospitality industry is working to avoid such inconveniences.

A local developer has submitted a proposal for an eight story hotel that would be located on Front street, between 5th and 6th. It would include a parking garage, as well.  There's no word which brand the hotel would fall under, but the proposal will be reviewed by the City of Boise on Wednesday, December 13th. We could know more, soon!

For the complete article, and more on the developer and his history in Boise, click HERE.

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