Here in the Treasure Valley, some people, places, and things are just STAPLES. They are what make Boise so "Boise", if you will. It is not often, however, that all three of these things fall under one, single roof. On Friday night, October 29th, that was the case in downtown Boise.

Zombie Prom at Humpin' Hannah's

When it comes to spooky season, we all know that Humpin' Hannah's is the move! On Friday night, October 29th, Rocci Johnson, the Rocci Johnson Band, and Humpin' Hannah's threw one of the most anticipated annual events that comes to downtown Boise every year: Zombie Prom!

Locally owned and operated in downtown Boise for over 30 years, Humpin' Hannah's is one of those local places that not only offers a great time but offers a great EXPERIENCE. The bar is one of those places that leaves visitors wondering both where in the world they could be and why their town doesn't have something this unique. Of course, the iconic voice of Rocci Johnson is known for blowing the roof off of the bar multiple nights a week and is the ONE person everyone needs to visit on their 21st birthday.

It was great being out in downtown Boise this Halloween as the streets were packed and just about every bar in town had success with costume contests, specials and more. Although we continue to navigate COVID-19 here in Boise, it was refreshing to see so many local businesses thrive on one night.

Boise's Freshest Happy Hour

Boise folks are RUSHING to this new happy hour right in the heart of downtown. After finally giving life to a space that has been empty since the days of slinging spaghetti, Western Proper has become one of the trendiest locations to grab a bite, a drink, or a game with your friends.

Boise Dogs Love Beer Too

Check out these adorable Boise dogs enjoying some puppy brews!

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