From time we all have issues with co-workers but this is next level. Apparently there is major drama in the Idaho Capitol building, so major that it's making national news. CNN recently published and article about how Governor Little and his Lieutenant governor are at odds over Idaho's stay at home order implemented by Little. This is so bad that things have gotten disrespectful and public. Here a few of the shenanigans that lieutenant governor McGeachin has pulled according to the Idaho Statesman's Cynthia Sewell

"She left the Legislature's 2020 session early — the lieutenant governor presides over the Senate — to attend to her family business, a restaurant and pub in Idaho Falls. She has attended or supported rallies opposing Little's stay-home order and has been urging him to let businesses re-open. She defied his state order earlier this month to attend an event at a North Idaho brewery that re-opened despite Little's order."


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