I always had to be told to drink my milk!  I'm not the biggest fan, but most people are. So, what are you doing with all of those milk cartons after you're done?  Just throwing theme away?  Well, if you live in Boise, you've got a new option that can help you be "green" and still do your body good!

A new company called RecyclePak has a solution.  An enterprising citizen named Laura Coleman and her boyfriend Hayden Woras, became part of the zero waste movement.  According to the Boise Weekly story, this followed the Boise's launch of the Hefty EnergyBag Program.  According to Laura, "My boyfriend and I were taking a look at the waste that we produced and trying to reduce it as much as possible. We were listening to a lot of zero-waste podcasts and food-waste podcasts and things like that, and as a product of that we realized one of the things we had a hard time finding an alternative for were our non-dairy milk [cartons]," Coleman said. "... I hated that I was throwing them away, so I did some research."

So after a lot of online research and connecting to people on social media, Laura reached out to the North End Boise Co-Op to partner on a local solution. Now you can drop off your cleaned and flattened milk, soup and stock paper cartons.  Laura and her company then pick them up and ship them off to be recycled.  You can find the bin located at the Boise Co-op's North End location on 888 W. Fort Street.

Laura hopes to make her company a non-profit soon and grow the possibilities to move to zero waste!

Thanks for being a great Boise residents Laura and Hayden and doing your part, to keep our city clean and green!

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