Are your headphones helping to save the environment? Probably not, but Dyson will soon fix that by offering a pair of headphones that also filter the air around you as you wear them.

Bloomberg reports that the company has filed for a patent in the UK for the upcoming product, which not only houses air filters inside the headgear, but also shuttles that filtered air back to the user with a special nozzle.

However, the publication also notes that the headphones idea won't necessarily come to fruition. "The company files a large number of patents for products that often don’t make it into production," Bloomberg explains. "In 2009, it filed for a hydraulic food juicer that has yet to emerge as a final product, and so far this year patents have been published for an electric toothbrush and car window parts."

Okay, so maybe we'll see these headphones, maybe we won't, but I'm intrigued by the ideal. How heavy will these be? How much will they cost? Just how much air will they purify? Can I get a pair for the studio and filter out Keke's breath during the show? Just kidding, his breath isn't that bad.


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