It's always cool to see someone on TV that you know or to catch someone from your hometown on a TV show. This week that honor belongs to Chris and Geanie Rodgers, of Eagle,. The Rodgers have a really different take on utility rope, It's more of a flat rope that comes in a canister and you can cut it to size depending on your immediate needs.  The episode featuring the Rodgers aired on ABC at 8 p.m. this past Sunday and it proved to be a successful venture for the Idaho couple. The deal was turned out to be worth $200,000. Rapid Rope is made in the United States, with most of the materials and labor coming from Idaho. All of the products are assembled in Eagle at the Rodgers home workshop.

This is how News break described the Rapid Rope segment on ABC.

"The Rodgers riffed on that experience for their Shark Tank pitch, where they staged a zombie attack to help illustrate how useful their product can be. As Chris held off the undead assailant, Geanie fumbled with a tangled utility rope before trading it for a canister of Rapid Rope, which the couple quickly used to ensnare the zombie.

The act caught the attention of guest “shark” Rohan Oza, who helped build huge brands like Vitaminwater and Popchips.

I loved the pitch. That zombie is one of the coolest intros that I’ve seen,” Oza said."

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