The Mustangs of Eagle High School may be facing a 5A competitor and defending State Champion on a field they aren't too familiar with, this fall.

Complications and delays involved in finishing their new turf football field have the school scrambling to find a different place to call home when the Mountain View Mavericks come to play in just two weeks.

The fields construction was approved of and began in the spring and by the way, it isn't a cheap upgrade totaling about $500,000.  The project was set to be completed by now, however the layer that is below where the turf will lay is far too soft. Obviously, Eagle High School and West Ada School District are hoping the integrity of the field is upheld as well as safety standards for those who will be playing on it--both the home team and the visitors. Their options right now, remain to wait for the surface to harden, or completely redo the work already done.

It doesn't matter how you put it, the team has been preparing under circumstances that are less than ideal.  They're practicing for games on an unfamiliar, make-shift field across campus when the players should know what their own home turf feels like.

Giving Mountain View the home field advantage for this big match-up, or using another school district facility, remain their options at this time.


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