Taking high school athletics to the next level is never easy.  Having been a high school athlete myself, just finding the focus to excel in your sport and in the classroom at times, can be a real struggle. Typically, or at least in my case, your after school activity is a little more fun than your essays and algebra due the next day. Students that are able to balance both are real superstars.

I don't think I ever could have balanced a sport and college at the same time, looking back--or at least not well. However, each year HUNDREDS of students from the Treasure Valley go on to college and do just that.

With football season upon us, I had never thought to see just how many Idahoans are playing on collegiate fields across the country. By the way, these students mean Idaho has a footprint in even the most legendary programs, like USC and beyond.

According to an Idaho Statesman article, there are 119 former Idaho student-athletes playing college football at the Division I level. That's pretty impressive.

The top feeder school? Rocky Mountain High School takes first with 13 former students playing in Division I--my alma mater, Bishop Kelly, comes in 3rd in the state.

Want to check out a complete list? Click HERE to learn more.


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