It's that time of the year when college football begins to shake up. We're still awaiting the National Championship to play out so that we know who is the king of the land for this year--but, changes are in full effect at every other program in the nation besides the two waiting for that big game. Regionally, just today, Washington State University head coach Mike Leach announced he would be leaving Pullman, Washington for a new opportunity at Mississippi State University. Oh, and I should mention a relatively large announcement and CHANGE was made right here in the Treasure Valley, which will effect Boise State and its fans.

The change, for many, will be rather luxurious-- late kickoff's aren't going to be the normal anymore.

That's right, the stadium emptying out at halftime because it's approaching midnight all to cater to the viewing schedule of ESPN simply won't be a problem anymore because the Mountain West Conference has decided to jump into a new deal with Fox Sports and CBS Sports.

Not only is this new deal going to change the kickoff times (in fact, the new deal even states that 8:00 p.m. is THE latest time a game can start) but it includes a pretty large chunk of change for Boise State University as well-- the whole deal raked in a combined 270 million dollars. FOX Sports will now own all of the rights to Boise State's home football games and with the exception of some non-conference games and bowl games, Boise State won't be seen on ESPN any longer.

How do YOU feel about this new deal? I'm hoping for more afternoon kickoffs!

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