A commanding win at Utah State University meant a lot of things for Boise State and their football program.

First of all, what we saw out of that team on Saturday night is what all of us fans knew as possible, but have been waiting to see for several weeks now. In fact, wins as dominating as we saw last night have been, for many years now, what *spoiled* Boise State fans have grown accustomed to. So, with a third string quarterback behind center--chalk this win up as a BIG success, Boise.

More than a psychological boost, this game offered a continued opportunity for a major bowl game. Las Vegas Bowl, we love you and we've seen some great wins down there...but Boise State fans want to be on the BIG stage! Another win means Boise State is still in the running.

There is one dose of EXTREMELY exciting news for those of us here in the Treasure Valley that this win has delivered. Boise State gets ONE MORE HOME GAME. With the regular season almost done, no more home games for Boise State were slated. Tailgating season was wrapped up and the blue was going to get to rest until next season. Not so fast. With securing their spot in the Mountain West Conference Championship Game AND being ranked higher than their slated opponent, the University of Hawaii, Boise State will be hosting this major game on the blue!

More info on tickets will be coming this week!


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