In my best DJ Khaled voice possible: "ANOTHER ONE"!

That's right Treasure Valley, if you though that voting once was sexy--try voting TWICE in the same month! While back to back elections are few and far between...that's not the case here in the City of Boise. It's time for a runoff election.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen this all over the news-- the Boise mayoral race is headed to a runoff and if you voted once, you can vote again. By the way, if you failed to vote last time around--here's your second chance.

Politics are a heated issue more than ever before so it seems and it's not difficult to come across someone that either "knows it all" or has an extreme opinion. Then again, this is the beauty of living in a country that allows free thought and speech-- even when we don't agree with certain people's actions or views. Politics aren't just large-scale, national platforms. Right here in Boise, we're facing a mayoral run off race because 50 percent plus one vote of our city didn't vote for a candidate in the running. Now, we're looking to a narrowed field of two candidates, both of which will play a huge role in shaping our city and our day-to-day live far more than any national issue probably will. Use that voice and that right to vote to have your voice heard!

Early voting, once again, is now OPEN! This means you can vote on YOUR time--not just on Election Day. I'm a huge fan of the early voting because of the convenience and honestly--I'm impatient and love not having to wait in line!

With the only two candidates remaining being Dave Bieter and Lauren McLean, check out this really great voters guide from the Idaho Press, HERE.

More on early voting times and locations, HERE.



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