What do you do when you're completely over the whole Elf on the Shelf thing? You create a cool-looking "set" and add a paper countdown where all you have to do is remove on ring a day and do nothing else. That, my friends, is what has happened. 


  • Green and red paper
  • Tape (torn into tiny strips)
  • Sweater ornament that the elf can call his own (it was cheap at Michael's in Meridian)
  • Dog ornament (JoAnn Fabrics near the mall)
  • Tree (from Dollar Tree on Vista)


Your elf can be sitting on anything or standing around. All that counts is the paper countdown. It's cheap and simple. Set your elf up with the countdown and let your child rip one off a day. It's fun and keeps them entertained. It also means they can get close to their elf without touching their elf. Magic, right?

How many more days do we have to do this?