It's that time where you're still putting the elf in different situations but your'e also finding the you're running out of ideas and are focused on other things. Shove him/her in an envelope and throw a stamp on their head. I did. 


  • Envelope
  • Stamp
  • Something to place your envelope and stamp in (I found this mailbox at Michaels in Meridian a couple of years ago)


Do everything you can to shove that skinny little elf into an envelope. Start to feel guilty that you're shoving your child's behavior monitor into a folded piece of paper and break the elf's head through one side. Attempt to stay awake yet another night and regret even getting into this whole elf thing. Put a stamp on the elf's face while calculating how much this whole project is costing you - will you need to get just one more stamp for your Christmas cards you haven't yet sent out? Throw the elf into a mailbox or just on the floor (because, let's be real, it doesn't really matter) and go to bed.