Three hours on Monday night...THREE HOURS! It's how long I spent watching Nick choose (in my opinion) the wrong woman on The Bachelor finale, but it's also how long I spent on something I don't know if  I'm proud of...

Filling out my NCAA bracket.  Four years ago I developed a "formula" for my bracket where I ended up winning money a few years in not just the pool I've been playing in with my dad and little sister for years, but our office pool at 103.5 KISS FM too! With Boise State out of the tournament and my back-up team (Ohio State) sucking this year, I didn't get to watch a lot of college basketball so I averaged out the picks of the CBS Sports experts and used Bleacher Report as my "tie breaker" when I needed it.  Now I've got my fingers crossed that Kansas beats Duke in the finals.

Kekeluv doesn't understand why I keep playing my dad's office pool every year and honestly, I think I just love the thrill of beating dad and sister! I mean is that short lived rush really worth 3 hours of work? No, no it's not.  So I did my research to see where I could enter said bracket for free and win prizes around the Treasure Valley in the event that my "formula" works again and it turns out you can win some HUGE prizes for nothing! Check out these three challenges that you can enter!

The Tailgate

This is where the money is! Our friend Ted Challenger and his crew is giving away $25,000 if you can pull off the impossible: put together the perfect bracket. If there's no perfect bracket, there's still a huge grand prize - a $2,000 tailgate gift card! That goes a long way on Taco Tuesday or at the Rehab Brunch Buffet on Sundays! To enter, simply stop by The Tailgate before close of business on March 15th to fill out your bracket!

Old Chicago

My fiance and I basically live at Old Chicago on Sundays, so I knew about the OC College Hoops Challenge weeks ago.  One national grand prize winner will win a trip for two to see the first two rounds of the 2018 NCAA Finals in Las Vegas!  With dozens of locations across the country, that's going to be awfully hard to do SO they're giving away two huge prizes to the winner at every local location as well! When you sign up for the challenge select your store (Boise Downtown or Boise Towne Square Mall,) and compete against the rest of the Treasure Valley for a year's worth of free pizza at your store.  The runner up at each store will receive $100 in OC Bucks! To enter click HERE and lock your bracket 10 minutes before tip off of the first game on Thursday, March 16th.

Beef 'O' Brady's

Normally when I'm talking about Beef 'O' Brady's in Meridian it's football season. (That's where the Ohio State alumni and fans watch the games in the Treasure Valley.) But they're gearing up for March Madness too! You have until 10 AM on Thursday, March 16th to get your pick in HERE.  The grand prize winner will win a $100 Beef 'O' Brady's Gift Card.

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