I've been searching for a morning show co-host when I received a DM from a few girls that promised to help with some Kiss app details. I invited one of our listeners in for the morning show who also brought a friend.

You never know what you're going to get when doing this job. I think the best actually care what they do and I'm a big fan of people. I love to uncover things about people and dig deep to find out what makes THEM tick. Who are they? What makes them cry? Why do they laugh so much?

This morning I invited these girls and learned a few things that immediately made smarter. I was thoroughly impressed by how intelligent and strong they were.

Gabi mentioned that when she was two years old they found cancer in her eye. They removed it and she's fine! Healthy as any other teen graduating high school. What caught my attention is when she said her mom likes her brown eye better. What?

This is my prosthetic eye and my mother isn't a fan of the blue one but loves my natural color of brown. I painted this one myself.

I'm trying to think of the different reactions I had in that moment.

  1. Huh?
  2. Uhhhhh
  3. What?!?!
  4. Wait...
  5. Ummm, what did you say?

I think there were a few more but what a great story yo! Gabi colored her own eye from a place in California that actually made this prosthetic. Gabi is able to put it in and out like a person takes off or puts on a prosthetic leg. If you think about it like that it makes more sense, but when it's sprung on you out of left field...huh?

I took video of this and it's something so simple and funny by my reaction. I read something completely different when she left and made a point to tell her this. What a strong woman and such a great friend she has. Camas is her bestie and I adore them both because life is unforgiving. High school is difficult and you need friends. Imagine what cruel kids have said to her during the 17 years of her life? Camas and Gabi I will continue to be inspired by the both of you. I'm so dumbfounded by your strength, passion, the foresight to see beyond what other people might say. It's much easier when you graduate and move on in life but your entire childhood? You ARE strength! I think it's so damn cool Gabi and thanks for sharing this experience with the audience

I have a twitch and you might even see it in videos. It's embarrassing and I try to control it but sometimes I just can't. I've been made fun of in comments sections and in public. You know at the end of the day we all have something and that makes us - US. Gabi overcame CANCER and has turned her tragedy into triumph. I'm sure she doesn't see this as a big deal but for all the negativity in our world why can't we celebrate the greatness.

Camas and Gabi - You're both my heroes.

If there is something that makes you different and you want to show Kekeluv - Email him kekeluv@1035kissfmboise.com

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