This is one of those bizarre and out-of-left-field stories that this writer has ever put together. Buckle up, buckaroos.

A former Idaho Sheriff, Craig Rowland, is facing up to five years in prison, as well as a $5,000 fine. "But what could a police officer do that would result in such a hefty punishment," you might inquire. Funny you should ask.

Rowland is being charged with felonies for aggravated assault and aggravated battery and a misdemeanor for the exhibition of a weapon. Why did he exhibit said weapon? What happened?

In November, Rowland approached a car full of church youth group kids, brandishing a gun. While pointing the gun at the vehicle, Rowland yelled "I WILL ******* SHOOT YOU!" to its inhabitants. The reason? Because the kids left a “thankful turkey” on his doorstep.

You're reading this all correctly. An Idaho Sheriff pointed his gun at a car full of young people, threatening to end their lives, because of a gesture of good will. What a guy.

Rowland has pleaded guilty ( to a felony charge of aggravated assault), and defense attorney Dennis Wilkinson has more details:

In exchange for the plea, the parties have agreed to probation and 10 days of jail to be served during the course of that probation. These provisions are binding on the court.

It's going to be a heck of a Halloween for the disgraced cop. Sentencing for the case will take place on October 25th, determining Rowland's future for years and years to come. Happy Halloween, maybe they'll serve turkey in jail?

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