I'm a Diet Coke drinker, so I've never gotten the whole coffee addiction, but I know it's real.  Of course, you can brew your own every morning, hit the drive-thru or if you're in downtown Boise, you have a new option. This past weekend(May 13th, 2019), Expedition Coffee debuted their new Coffee Bike.  Ethan Hensley and Andy Womack are the owners and are ready to serve you coffee and maybe even an espresso machine in the future.  You can choose from various roasts and in less than 45 seconds have a cup of joe, thanks to the bikes nitro powered taps.

From the Boise Weekly story, the pair are looking to partner with local roasters and expand their offerings.  Currently, Boise roasters, Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters is supplying most of the coffee beans.  The cart will be a seasonal offering, while the weather is nice and may even be available in the future for weddings, banquets or other special events.

Next time you're downtown look for the Expedition Coffee bike in front of the U.S. Bank building at Main Street and Capitol Boulevard or possibly other locations.  It's always a good thing to support local businesses and since it's coffee, you can satisfy your coffee addiction and buy local.

Follow Expedition Coffee on Instagram and maybe in the future you can have them Bike to your event and serve of some coffee.

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