I will NEVER forget that time back in 2007--Boise State named to the Fiesta Bowl lineup set to take on the Oklahoma Sooners. Of course, everyone knows that story line by now, trick play after trick play, Boise State marched on to victory. Since then, their visit to the Fiesta Bowl has not been their last. We've seen big bowl game wins, and at times some not so pretty losses. Alas, with last weeks win, Boise State has secured their bowl game eligibility. It's crazy to think early in the season, that was in question for many fans. It seems the Broncos have gotten into their groove.

Now bowl eligible, it's time to start looking at those anticipated bowl game projections. There's a similar theme amidst many: Las Vegas.

  • Hale expects the Utah Utes to be BSU's opponent
  • Bonagura predicts the Oregon Ducks

Our own local press, The Idaho Statesman predicts a different opponent, guessing it will be Stanford. See their rationale, HERE.


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