For years, Idahoans (especially ones that have moved here from California) have yearned for the addition of an In-N-Out to our Treasure Valley drive-thru portfolio.

The dream is about to come true.

We've known for what feels like well over a year that the popular burger joint would be moving into the area but as the building takes shape, so too has the reality of it all. What's to be expected, besides a whole lot of burgers?


When new things open in the Treasure Valley, residents are quick to flock and check them out--especially restaurants. This particular opening is on a whole different level.  Aside from the chaos that the grand opening will already be bringing to Meridian, Idaho is this fun 'cherry on top': the restaurant is on Eagle and Fairview. Arguably the busiest intersection anywhere in Idaho.

Does Eagle Road need more traffic? No. Is it too late? Yep.

Released by In-N-Out recently is their "plan" for it all. Expect this grand opening to be a thing that you steer very clear from unless you're trying to be there.

Take a look at their plan, below: 

Credit: In-N-Out
Credit: In-N-Out

With about 30 restaurant associates planned for the parking lot(s), over fifteen traffic control officials, ACHD and local police departments monitoring: this corner is going to be chaotic and In-n-Out is hoping that at the least, it's controlled chaos.

The restaurant chain also says that they'll be flying in a team of experts that know how to handle grand openings of this size.

If it's your first time ever, you may just want to try a classic ordering option but if you're adventurous, you should know about their secret menu...

Everything You Need to Know About In-N-Out's Secret Menu Before They Open in Boise

In-N-Out is moving forward with plans to build their first TWO Idaho locations! Not sure how to order when you visit? Let us help!

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart


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