In case you have no plans on Valentine's Day or it's a solo Netflix and Chill night, what romantic movies or "sappy" movies should you watch?  Well according to Streaming Observer, each state definitely has a favorite romantic movie to watch.  Surprisingly, there is a lot of interest in romantic movies in Idaho.  But what are the favorites across the US?

Some movies are faves in multiple states.  That list includes Her, Ghost, It Happened One Night, Sense and Sensibility, Silver Linings Playbook, The African Queen, and Titanic.

Some are based on geography, who would have thought, but Brokeback Mountain is tops in Wyoming, Jerry McGuire is big in Arizona.

What's the TOP romantic movie?  Titanic of course!  "I'm the King of the world"!

But what's the top romantic movie in Idaho?  Well you guys must really be into some wacky romance, because the top romantic movie is..."The Princess Bride" LOL

Here's the complete list... state by state.

Alabama An Officer and a Gentleman
Alaska Sense and Sensibility
Arizona Jerry Maguire
Arkansas Wuthering Heights
California It Happened One Night
Colorado The African Queen
Connecticut Letter From an Unknown Woman
Delaware Sense and Sensibility
District of Columbia A Room With a View
Florida The African Queen
Georgia Gone With the Wind
Hawaii Stairway to Heaven
Idaho The Princess Bride
Illinois Weekend
Indiana The African Queen
Iowa The Bridges of Madison County
Kansas Manhattan
Kentucky Ghost
Louisiana City Lights
Maine Silver Linings Playbook
Maryland The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Massachusetts My beautiful Laundrette
Michigan Her
Minnesota It Happened One Night
Mississippi Her
Missouri The Shop Around the Corner
Montana Doctor Zhivago
Nebraska Away From Her
Nevada Ghost
New Hampshire Silver Linings Playbook
New Jersey The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
New Mexico The Shape of Water
New York Before Sunrise
North Carolina Dirty Dancing
North Dakota Romeo and Juliet
Ohio Carol
Oklahoma Pretty in Pink
Oregon Say Anything…
Pennsylvania The Philadelphia Story
Rhode island Howards End
South Carolina Punch-Drunk Love
South Dakota 10 Things I Hate About You
Tennessee You’ve Got Mail
Texas Casablanca
Utah Singin’ in the Rain
Vermont Before Midnight
Virginia Amélie
Washington Sleepless in Seattle
West Virginia Titanic
Wisconsin Titanic
Wyoming Brokeback Mountain