Are breast implants really safe? I thought it was until I just read an alert from the Food and Drug Administration putting on this recent warning that they aren't as safe as you might think.

Did you realize that implants have a life expectancy rate on them? Here I am thinking it's a lifetime and the company's that sell them are saying maybe 10 years. You really should expect to replace them anywhere in that 7 to 10-year range depending on the implants.

The FDA Medical Devices Advisory Committee's General and Plastic Surgery Devices Panel meets this week to talk about the warnings and recommendations for breast implants. Why all of the sudden meetings regarding the most popular procedure in 2018? The FDA issued warnings to the two implant manufacturers that weren't complying with regulations. That's not a good look!

There is a fear that rare cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma could be linked to certain breast implants. There is also concern that additional health problems could occur that are associated with their immune system's response to these devices.

There is no evidence right now but it's serious enough that warnings are being shipped out resulting in serious meetings. I would suggest you consult a physician first before making this move. Make sure you know ALL the side effects, warnings and how it could taint your health. Check for life expectancy and the positives versus negatives regarding the types of breast implants. Should you get silicone saline-filled or silicone gel-filled and what to do if one ruptures. Do your research and get advice from a medical professional and not the girl in the office (no offense to her, but this is your health.)

There were 313,735 breast augmentation procedures in 2018 which made this the #1 cosmetic surgical procedure in 2018.

I will follow up with this story when more comes available after the meetings take place. You can read more below.


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