Another win for Boise State takes the Broncos one step closer to a goal we haven't seen in a while: an at-large bid for a major bowl game in late December. Boise State of course, after having broken the glass ceiling in 2007 with their defeat of the University of Oklahoma is always on the radar for this bid-- some years come closer than others...this year, it's looking pretty solid. Had Boise State not lost to a pesky BYU team, which was completely uncalled for, we might be having an entirely different conversation about the Broncos. Now, we are essentially forced to do a whole lot of watching and waiting.

After Memphis and Cincinnati beat up on each other this weekend, one of them, Cincinnati, is now out of the running for this big bowl game. Then again, a win against another ranked team would mean a jump for Memphis. That is exactly what played out.

With the Week 15 rankings now released, Boise State is up to #19 in the AP Poll and #17 in the Coaches Poll! Trailing only Memphis, who is now #16 in both. Another notable team is the University of Utah--not far from us here in Boise. The Utes are now a SERIOUS contender for the College Football Playoff!

For more and the complete rankings, click HERE.

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