Earlier this week, Governor Little took a moment to recognize Krista Gneiting (a teacher at Rigby Middle School), who talked an active school shooter out of continuing their fire. She held the shooter in her arms until officials arrived. 

Like many mass shootings, a lot of it can be attributed to a mental illness suffered by the shooter. This has opened up more information about mental health resources in the state and what Idaho is doing to curb the mental illness crisis.

Here is some footage from the Rigby Middle School shooting:

Idaho Teacher who Halted Rigby School Shooting Honored by Governor

After recognizing Krista, Governor Little attributed the shooting (and ones like it) to mental illness. He pointed out that we need better access to care and help for individuals in Idaho struggling with mental illness. 

Then, Governer Little unveiled his proposed behavioral health investment in the 2022-2023 state budget. 

Here’s what is in Governer Little’s proposed behavioral health plan:

Gov. Little to Invest $50 Million For Idahoan’s Mental Health

How much does Governor Little want to invest in spending for these resources? $50 million. He said, “As I know Krista can attest, there is a strong connection between safe communities and access to behavioral health resources for Idahoans of all ages.”

He added that it is a preventative measure to curb mental illness and possible future horrors while also building and protecting our community.

Nampa Family Justice Center Receives $350,000 to Help Victims of Human Trafficking

Boise Buddy Benches for Elementary Schools to Help with Anxiety Among Children/Students

At Jefferson Elementary, the Boise Sunshine Rotary Club paid for and installed “buddy benches.” These same benches will also be installed in other Boise elementary schools.

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