The firework law hasn't changed... or has it? It has been so confusing when it comes to buying fireworks and what you can and can't set off here in Idaho. I'll break it down. 

Aerial fireworks can be sold in Idaho (with a signed agreement) but it is illegal to set them off. You want to look for any firework that says "non aerial" and you're in the clear. We're talking about mortars and Roman candles - like what ignited the Table Rock fire just one year ago.

News came out that the Idaho Attorney General's office had called attention to the reversal of the loophole with the firework law. The AG's office issues their legal opinion on how state law applies to a certain topic. This does not mean the law changes.

Are you in the clear should you be the one setting off aerial fireworks? Nope. While the AG's opinion doesn't ban sales of aerial fireworks, it's up to the local agencies (law enforcement) choose to interpret the advice and opinions set forth this Independence Day.

Setting off those aerial fireworks can get you your very own misdemeanor. Probably not something you want this holiday. A tan is perhaps more preferable.

Aerial fireworks: A firework meant to blast off the ground.
  • Roman candle
  • Bottle rockets
  • Shot Saturn missile
  • Shot color cannon
  • Pearl Flower

Fireworks that are able to travel outside a 15-foot diameter or can create sparks or other burning materials that land outside a 20-foot diameter or above a hight of 20 feet.

Non-Aerial Common Fireworks:
  • Ground spinners
  • Fountains
  • Spinners
  • Sparklers
  • Smoke devices
  • Snakes

All  devices that remain on or near the ground.

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