Two Alaska Airlines employees recently took their love to new heights with a surprise dual engagement on the company's "Pride in the Sky" flight.

According to Alaska Airlines, Veronica Rojas, a flight attendant for the airline, proposed to her newly hired Alaska pilot girlfriend Alejandra Moncayo over the PA system — in both English and Spanish — while down on one knee.

Their love story started — at 35,000 feet — after they initially met while on a flight traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 2020.

When the women noticed that Alaska Airline's "Pride in the Sky" flight just happened to be taking the exact flight path of their meet-cute, it set the stage for the ultimate proposal.

According to the airline, Rojas shared her inflight proposal idea with the Alaska Airlines team, saying that the couple had always wanted to try the Pride flight.

The airline was happy to assist, setting the stage for the couple to use the flight's intercom system to share their love story, which led to Rojas popping the question.

What Rojas and Alaska Airlines employees didn't know is that Moncayo was also planning to propose.

Moncayo got down on one knee after the couple landed and deplaned.

Love was in the air and both women said yes, celebrating their double proposal with an impromptu party held at LAX airport.

"I've always appreciated Alaska; how deeply involved they are in the LGBTQ+ community," Rojas said, according to the airlines press release. "All the love and support is just super overwhelming and amazing."

"It's awesome. I feel very, very loved today. Alaska has always been my number one forever. I can definitely tell how much they care," Moncayo added.

The airline shared a now-viral clip of the proposal on social media and, according to KTLA, offered everyone on the plane free tickets for a future Alaska flight.

The airline unveiled its first-ever LGBTQ-inspired "Fly With Pride" plane in June, which boasts a colorful rainbow paint job. The aircraft celebrates Pride Month with a "Parade in the Sky," with stops in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and San Diego.

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