Flooding is happening. I have been trying to deny the severity of the water levels of the Boise River rising and becoming destructive to the greenbelt, homes, businesses, land, etc. because I didn't know what to do. My fear stalled me. No more. Here's the plan. 

Blaine county is about a week into evacuations, people are restructuring their life and, now, trying to figure out what the next step is after so much is underwater and remains that way for the foreseeable future.

Local companies have become inventive with their products to help ease the impact of water reaching your home or business and hundreds, if not thousands, of sandbags have been filled and placed to create a barrier. Confuse the water. Divert! Divert!

photo: Tawsha Box

Before you're in a position where you have to just pack what's in your immediate surroundings, take action (yes, I'm talking to myself as well) and follow the flood plan.

With the big rain storm last night, the river levels have risen. An Eagle mobile home park is receiving assistance from Eagle fire as they are knee deep in water. Deputies were sent to the Riviera Estates Mobile Home Park off Linder. The water is several feet deep.

photo: Tawsha Box

What's the plan? We have been informed of the following:

Eagle residents and students who are in school at the time of severe flooding. If you have kids in the Eagle area, letters have been sent home by the West Ada School District saying that if flooding happens during the school day, students would need to be picked up by a parent or guardian. If they are bus riders, the buses will be diverted to Lowell Scott Middle School where parents or guardians will need to pick up their child(ren).

Check with the school if you haven't heard anything.

Here's the problem: The water levels are so high saturating the ground making it unsteady. The areas of concern are bridges because debris can get caught up and eventually build up causing severe flooding. On top of that, some areas are inaccessible making it difficult to remove any obstructions.

If you have any feedback on flooding or questions, comment below and we will do what we can to get you the information you're looking for.