Everyone loves making love.

Hell, if you listen to any song at any given time, the odds are at least some of those lyrics have to do with the act of lovemaking. It's in TV, movies, ads, social media, our music, and pretty much anywhere you look.

Sex sells. It's a fact. However, if you're planning on gettin' some in Boise, there are some places you're going to want to avoid if you don't want to spend time behind bars.

Are we saying you shouldn't be making whoopee? Of course not. Make all the babies you want. Just don't give them weird names that'll come back to haunt them at job interviews in 20 years from now. Be safe about it, and just make sure you aren't fornicated at the following places if you want to avoid trouble with the law:

Illegal Spots For Sex In Boise

Since you can't get it on in all these public places, where is someone supposed to invite their cuddle buddy to have some very legal lovemaking? We have a few suggestions:

  • Your bedroom
  • Hotel room
  • The toolshed at the back of your property

That's pretty much it. We're all about people doing what they want to do and loving who they want to love, but it's safe to say very few people most likely have the desire to watch you and your partner bump uglies.

P.S. If you do get any information about doin' it in a helicopter, please let us know as soon as humanly possible. It's...important.


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