For nearly 20 years, the “We the People Liberty Day Parade” put smiles on the faces of families in Downtown Boise. It also gave them a good reason to pop their clothes in the dryer when they got home. 

Boise loved its 4th of July parade, water balloons and all and that’s why residents felt like the rug was pulled out from underneath them in June 2021. Organizers posted an open letter on Facebook explaining that the parade, which was canceled in 2020 dues to COVID-19, would not be returning in 2021 or any year to follow. 


What many people didn’t realize was that the parade wasn’t an event produced by the City of Boise. It was an all-volunteer effort led by a committee primarily made of members of the Barrett Family.  As the years went on, members of the family grew up, got married, had kids of their own and moved on to pursue their personal dreams. While it was an exciting time for the family, it left the committee unable to stage the parade. Continuing health restrictions also played into the decision. 

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So Boise residents traveled to Caldwell, Melba, Star and other communities this year. Next year, they won’t have to. CapEd Credit Union is stepping forward to help bring back a 4th of July Parade to Boise in 2023! In a press release, the credit union said that they will financially back the parade and help coordinate the efforts to organize volunteers, businesses and community members to make it happen.

CapEd has been in contact with the Barrett family and they’re excited to see CapEd take over the responsibility of bringing so much joy to Downtown Boise. It obviously takes a village to put together the parade, so Todd Christensen, CapEd’s Chief Marketing Officer has already set up a website for those interested in being on the planning committee, volunteering during the event, entering their organization in the parade or sponsoring the effort.

If that sounds like you, click HERE to check it out! 

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