I like to wash my own car but occasionally time doesn't allow for it so I've always kept a solid car wash in my back pocket just in case I need it.  A year ago when I moved back to Boise I was looking for a good place to get my cars washed and after a few failed attempts Mateo told me about J's Ultimate Hand Wash on Chinden. These guys do a good job and I like their customer service so much that I let Roman sell me an annual pass. Actually, Roman did a good job of presenting it but it really sold itself based on the job they do at J's. My point is that customer service is everything and the people at J's get it. Not only do they do a good job but they also give back to the community. This Veterans Day J's is honoring all of those who have served this country and have made it possible for us to live life as we know it by giving away free car washes. See the press release below foe all the details:

FREE CAR WASH for Veterans and Military Personnel on Veterans Day, November 11th at J’s Hand Car Wash BOISE, IDAHO: J’s Hand Car Wash along with several thousand other car wash locations in four countries will provide FREE car washes to veterans and current military service personnel, under the Grace For Vets FREE Wash Program on November 11th from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Washes will be given rain or shine at J’s Hand Car Wash, 3756 Chinden Blvd in Garden City. The FREE washes are given to honor and recognize those that have and are serving in the armed forces.


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