Take care of those who take care of you. I love that saying because it just seems like the right thing to do. I like it because it's rooted in gratitude. I like it because it's designed to put good energy into the universe and it's that same good energy that you put out that always comes back to you. Let me share an example of that with you. I have a monthly subscription to get my car washed at my favorite carwash, I haven't used that subscription in three months and while I can cancel it, I refuse to do so because J's Ultimate Hand Car Wash believes in taking care of those who take care of them. Not too long ago they offered free car washes for Veterans and now they're giving back once again. This time they're taking care of all healthcare workers. Check out their Facebook post below:
We're honored to give back to healthcare workers for #GivingTuesday! Our healthcare workers have been working extra hard this year to keep us safe and healthy.
For the month of December, we are offering a FREE month of UNLIMITED super exterior hand washes to all healthcare workers - no strings attached and no credit card required. All you need to do is stop by and tell us you are a healthcare worker. Thank you for all that you do to keep our communities safe, and healthy during these times.

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