How many times have you heard someone say, I think I have COVID-19 but it's too expensive to get tested? The reality is that not everyone has insurance and that some people will not get tested until they have no choice but at that point it's too late, they already infected their circle and then some. Personally I've had to endure that pain as this past week I ended up spending $200 to have a rapid test so that I could participate in a business meeting. I have great news... Free testing is now available through the end of the year.

The state of Idaho, Crush the Curve Idaho and Central District Health have partnered to to provide free COVID-19 testing at two locations. The Boise Airport and in Meridian near the Ten Mile interchange.

Boise Airport Economy Parking Lot
5600 W. Victory Road – Boise

Ten Mile Crossing Development
2775 W. Navigator Drive – Meridian

Executive Director of Crush the Curve Idaho Tina Upson told ktvb. "There's a lot of benefits to the community realizing there are scalable things like we don't have to look at the healthcare system who certainly need our support and need us to give them what they need to also expect them to deliver on testing,"

In case your wondering about the testing process, here's Tina's description:

"We hand you the swab, tell you what to do, say 'Oops, no, a little bit higher than that, we want a good eye water', and we talk you through that, then you put it face down in the tube we are holding, screw the lid on and it goes off to the lab."

If you don't have insurance and have symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 the test is completely free. Testing is taking place Monday - Saturday and appointments are necessary. Results are currently being returned within 12-16 hours. Be aware that if you have no symptoms or have not been exposed you will have to pay.


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