We all live in our own little world and sometimes we get so caught up in it ( some call it focused) that we don't bother to look around and notice what is going on with our loved ones or within our community. Think about how many times you've said to yourself... "I wish I would of known, I could of helped". This last year has been a banner year for tough times and also for opportunities to help others. Today I want to first and foremost congratulate the Idaho Food Bank employees and volunteers on all the great work they do as well as highlight the free food boxes event that they're holding from 11a-4pm.

If you take into consideration that there are almost 300,000 Idahoans who are considered to be food insecure you can see why this is a great event. What makes this particular event even better is that there are no qualifications to receive the food boxes. You might be wondering what is included in the food boxes?  The food boxes contain a variety of dairy products, pre-cooked meats and produce. If you're reading this and thinking to yourself that you would like to participate then head to the Ford Idaho Center  ASAP. Supplies are limited but you should know that the last time this event took place around 3,000 food boxes were given out.

Do our community a favor and tell a friend about this event because we never really know what's going on with our neighbors. #BoiseKind

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