Former Boise State football player and now Miami Dolphin, Jay Ajayi is the first NFL player to have his own emoji. Yep, the same running back we watched here on the blue. 


The former Boise State running back made history just Wednesday night as the first NFL player to receive a Twitter emoji. Have you tried it? Go on to Twitter and write what you want (in 280 characters) and write whatever you want. Maybe you're venting about your latest stress or drama. Maybe you're totally sub-tweeting a co-worker. Whatever it is you're doing, give it the Ajayi touch by adding #JayTrain.

Chooooooo choooooo!

Jay returned home to the UK and as part of his homecoming, the emoji was "given" to him. Think back to all the celebrations you've gone to where you needed to buy a gift for someone. Have you purchased an emoji? Correct. None of us have. I mean, sure, we'll throw a snapchat filter in for a birthday party or a wedding and call ourselves genius but we're clearly no NFL UK.


Just so we're clear, they're invited to our next party. 

What NFL player do you think will be the next to get an emoji?

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