Photo by: kekeluv
Photo by: kekeluv

The Race for The Cure is back in Boise with thousands of generations running, walking, and strolling down Parkcenter Blvd. The sea of pink was in full effect on Saturday.

I'm posting up photos from the few hours of this year's big stand against breast cancer. We got to see everything from "Save Second Base" to "Cowabooba" streaming across the backs of homemade shirts, bandanas, and capes!

What will you take from these photos? I'm cancer free and just recently took an unexpected visit to the ER and my first reaction was Cancer? I'm lucky. It wasn't. So many amazing listeners came up to me wearing the pink survivor shirts and asked how I was doing. I could only think about the possibilities of what she was going through yet her worries centered around me. THAT'S a wonderful woman. I told her I was great and nothing will compare to her battles with cancer and she responded,

I understand, but we have to keep YOU healthy. You're our guy.

I was internally in tears as my heart sank with such unbelievable love for these listeners. My gratitude for the women I was surrounded by was overflowing. I took a photo with a group of women that spanned 5 generations. I asked who started all of this madness as they laughed and pointed to the great-grandmother. It was that one woman who was responsible for all these grandmothers, mothers, daughters and then some. We often forget that don't we?

Happy Mother's Day to all our moms and the survivors who fight back and say, "Cancer won't win."

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