Sandbags are in high demand right now with all the flooding. Evacuation plans have been set up and people in Garden City, Emmett and Ketchum are trying to figure out their next move. Here's what to do in the immediate future. 

This past Saturday, a tree in Garden City has uprooted and floated several blocks causing major flooding. The area from E. 46th to E. 48th near Adams Street - an area with multiple businesses, warehouses and mobile homes.

Property managers are trying to avoid the water coming into their business by surrounding buildings with super sandbags and smaller sandbags. Right now, the water is being kept out but they aren't sure how long this temporary fix will last.

Crews are monitoring the flooding on an hour-by-hour basis.

Families in the mobile homes are moving their things out and finding a place to stay. In the meantime, filling sandbags is the go-to solution. You can fill your own sandbags at Expo Idaho on Glenwood, just south of the Hawks Memorial Stadium parking lot. If you don't have the ability to fill your own sandbags, you can pick them up at the Garden City Library. There are also locations in Meridian, Eagle and Star. Limit 25 bags per Garden City resident and identification is required.

The Red Cross is aware of the situation and will step in if people are forced to evacuate. In the meantime, if you need assistance, you can call Ada County dispatch at 377-6790.


Flooding in other areas

Emmett - The Payette River is hitting flood stage. Right now, the river is expected to stay where it is. However, emergency crews are prepared and ready for evacuations. A plan is in place and they will keep residents posted on what that plan is.

Ketchum (Blaine County) - Highway 75 at North Fork is flooding on both sides turning streets into rivers. Non residents should stay away from the area and are urged not to drive through. Drivers are causing the water to turn to waves which can cause damage.


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