52-year-old Leo Wyatt has been a KISS fan for 40 years.  Leo has Williams Syndrome which is a genetic condition that presents medical problems, developmental delays, and learning challenges.  People with Williams Syndrome usually gravitate towards music.  They have a different kind of love for music and Leo is no different.  For him it is and always will be KISS.

As much as Leo LOVES KISS, he's never had the opportunity to see them live.  His sister threw his story out there and a GoFundMe Page was set up to try and raise enough money for Leo to take a small road trip to Salt Lake City to see KISS live in concert.  East Idaho News picked up on this story and were able to connect with a few sponsors willing to help Leo on his trip IF he was able to actually get tickets to the show.

East Idaho News wasn't the only ones who picked up on this story.  Gene Simmons from KISS heard Leo's story and was touched enough to help make Leo's dreams come true.  Now, Leo works at an Arctic Circle here in Idaho and that's where East Idaho News stepped in to surprise him.  They surprised him with a video of Gene Simmons himself, talking directly to Leo, explaining how KISS was going to take care of the tickets along with the entire V.I.P. backstage meet and greet experience.

So... NO, Gene Simmons wasn't physically in that Arctic Circle here in Idaho but you can't tell me that he wasn't here in every other way.  My hat's off to anyone who steps to help make this world a better place and Gene Simmons was man enough to use his stardom, his fame, power, and money to do exactly that.  I think Leo's going to have one of the best times of his entire life and I'm so happy for him.

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