Latinos! The king of Latin Comedy is headed BACK to the Treasure Valley and I for one, can hardly wait!

If you know anything about me at all it is that I love to laugh. I can't help myself. I laugh at everything, anything, and it's really the only way that I can handle awkward situations... That said, sitting next to me at a comedy show is the last thing that the easily irritated would ever want to do. Maybe I'll post up my seat numbers once I have them so you know where to NOT sit?

We're slated for a pretty great comedy line up in 2020 so far here in the Treasure Valley. Jerry Seinfeld, George Lopez--do names in comedy get much bigger than this? Let's not forget that Gabriel Iglesias was JUST here, too. What did we do to deserve this great luck, Boise!?

Last time that George Lopez was in the Treasure Valley, I grabbed a pair of tickets for a friend and I and the show was great. While he jokes about every day things that anyone can relate to, having grown up in a Hispanic household--SO MUCH of what he is able to tap into made me feel like we grew up under the same roof. Latinos-- you can't miss this one!

For more on the event and for tickets (which go on sale Friday, November 22), just click HERE.

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