Stop and think about your current salary and how much you do to earn it? How would you feel if you had no added responsibilities but got a thirty thousand dollar raise? $30k!!! I can see it... you're minding your business, maybe on social media at work and your boss comes in and says... effective immediately you are getting a raise... a $30k raise...

That is what happened at Gravity Payments here in Boise. Every employee who was making the company minimum of forty thousand got an immediate ten thousand dollar raise and will get and additional twenty thousand over the next four years..

So what would you do with it? Vacation in the Bahamas, Hawaii, Cabo? Can you hear the waves crashing as the sand runs through your toes while you sit there in the 80 degree weather staring off into the horizon and then all of a sudden a waiter interrupts your thoughts with a cold beverage... Or would you get rid of that ten year old rust bucket you call a car and buy a brand new one? Imagine the new car smell, the shinny paint job, the heated leather seats against your body just in time for the Boise winter chill.

The truth is of the matter is that the employees of Gravity Payments were alot more responsible and opted to pay off debt and invest in the company's 401k according to CEO Dan Price. It's nice to dream and it's even better to know that amazing companies exist here in the place we call home.

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