If you're out driving on a Sunday, we really don't need to point out how many folks in Idaho regularly attend some kind of church. As a matter of fact, almost two-thirds of Idahoans identify as Christian, and religious affiliations are higher in Idaho compared to the national average.

That being said, you'd think one would know if they're breaking the law at the church they attend at least once a week, right? We thought so too. Until we found out about this absolutely stupid, stupid law:

It is illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in a church


Going to write that again just to make sure we're all reading this right:

It is illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in a church


Is this even real? While we've found proof that this law actually does exist in Alabama, until we can locate documentation that proves it's an actual law, we may have to label this as a rumor for the state of Idaho.

We have so many questions:

  • Who has a problem with laughter in church? We thought it was supposed to be a place of joy
  • What's so offensive about a fake mustache?
  • What lawmakers actually took the time to discuss this, come to a decision, and then proceed to have it written into law?

Surely we'll never get the answers we seek, but until then, we aren't going to risk wearing a fake mustache to church. Don't want to anger the big guy.

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