Some things are just SO Idaho we don't even know how else to describe it. This offer from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is simply that--SO IDAHO.

Believe it or not, there's a $1,000 lottery in progress right now in Northern Idaho that is living in a lake. Feel like fishing up at Lake Pend Oreille? You should be, if you aren't. Catch the right fish and you could be cashing out with a grand in your hand!

So, if you're an angler looking to get paid here's the scoop.

Scattered throughout the State of Idaho are Fish and Game "freezer stations".  This is where you are going to be dropping off your fish heads for money. Not sketchy at all, right!?

The big money is within the Walleye lottery. If you're fishing up at Lake Pend Oreille and you happen to catch a Walleye, there won't be a way to tell if the fish is tagged or not. Instead, you will need to drop the head off at a freezer station to be scanned. If you happened to have caught a head that is tagged with a microscopic chip, there will be a $1,000 reward issued to you! Talk about a BIG catch.

What happens if the Walleye doesn't have a chip? Well, you're still entered into a drawing for $100 at the end of the month just for dropping one by.

Oh, and you should know where the freezers are, too:

  • MacDonald's Hudson Bay Resort, 17813 E Hudson Bay Rd, Bayview
  • JD’s Pub and Grill- 34717 N Marietta Rd, Bayview, ID 83803 (freezer is in the back close to the dock)
  • Garfield Bay Boat Launch, 61 W Garfield Bay Rd, Sagle
  • Peck Landscape Supplies & Farm Store, 468215 US-95, Sagle
  • North 40, 477181 N Hwy 95, Ponderay
  • Arnie's Conoco, 32131 Hwy 200, Kootenai
  • Holiday Shores Resort and Cafe, 46624 Hwy 200, Hope
  • Hope Marine, 47392 Hwy 200, Hope
  • Bonner Park West, 500 Railroad Ave, Priest River
  • Fish & Game Regional Office, 2885 W Kathleen Ave, Coeur d'Alene


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