There have been so many interesting scenarios that have developed during the pandemic and this one came out of nowhere. Milk sales have been on the decline for decades, It makes sense to me because two years ago I got on an almond milk kick and I haven't looked back since, there are so many alternatives nowadays. The pandemic to the rescue! apparently milk is now thriving, when you think about all those kids staying home and parents looking for quick breakfast solutions it all starts to make sense... can you say cereal with milk for breakfast 5 days a week? according to ktvb Nielsen states:

From January through July 18, U.S. milk retail sales were up 8.3% to $6.4 billion,  During the same period last year, milk sales were down 2.3%.

Milk sales saw their biggest year-over-year jump of 21% in March, when buyers were stocking up their pantries. But they remained elevated even after panic buying subsided. In June U.S. milk sales were up 2%.

Milk is not the only thing that is back, the GOT MILK? marketing campaign is returning as well however it has been revamped and you will no longer see milk mustaches. The new campaign is based on people doing funny silly with milk like opening a gallon with their toes or jumping into a kiddie pool filled with milk and cereal.

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