The announcement that many expected to come today was indeed brought to fruition by Idaho's governor, Brad Little.

National news outlets have continued to mention our own State of Idaho as a hot spot for COVID-19 spread and positive tests. Particularly in Northern Idaho.

Just last week, I shared with you that despite a massive uptick in cases up north and even full hospitals, the Board of Health in Kootenai County decided to take away the mask mandate. This was a very controversial decision.

Our friend Maggie O'Mara of Idaho's News Channel 7 was live tweeting the press conference called by Governor Brad Little and you can see the bullet points of what this roll-back means for Idaho.

Obviously, we are all anxious to get Idaho (and the rest of the globe, too) back up and running. Over the past few weeks, it has been encouraging to see certain aspects of life "come back"-- even if just a little bit. My vibe downtown Boise has been that people have been cool with masks--at least at the places that I have been to--and they want to keep things open. 

Halloween "masks" are taking on a new meaning this year and with development, there certainly won't be any dance floors around downtown Boise. 

Here's to being safe, Idaho. I'll keep ya posted! 


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