Above, you will see a picture of a mean, ferocious, and scary Idaho Fair Ticket Bear. While there's only one of his kind--another type of bear could be running for their lives (literally) very soon.

Officials right here in Idaho have begun discussing opening a grizzly bear hunting season that would open up as soon as this coming fall.  During the season, officials say that the killing of one male grizzly would be permitted.

While these things are being considered in Idaho, neighboring states with Grizzly populations such as Montana and Wyoming have different plans. Montana does not want to open a grizzly hunting season and Wyoming does, with a kill limit of 24.

Not everyone is excited about this idea--such as animal advocates and Native Americans who want to restore protections given by the Endangered Species Act to prevent bears from being victim in these hunts.

For a complete explanation of this debated topic, click HERE.

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