Chris Cruise has a girlfriend! This time of year brings people together but since it's the holiday season, you can really screw things up if you don't do it right. Not to be negative but I know Chris and he needs a little hand-holding in this department. I'll share with you. 

Whether this is your first Christmas together or the first official one where you meet the family, there are little tips to follow so you know you're doing the "right" thing.

Our sweet little Chris Cruise is officially in a relationship (Facebook official). He, along with so many of you are having to figure out how to navigate the holidays while in a new relationship meeting new family members and experiencing new holiday-type things.

Comment below with your tips for the newbies. has the best list I've found because it covers both the non-serious and serious holiday experiences.

  • Talk About the Gift Exchange. Know if they are gifting and let them know if you plan to gift. Tip for a new relationship: Talk about it before you make a decision.
  • Office Holiday Party Plus One. Give your new bf or gf the rundown of your office and the politics that surround the people you work with. If you aren't in a casual office, think about the combination of a new relationship, your co-workers, an open bar, etc, before approaching this little soiree. Tip for a new relationship: If you're not 100% comfortable inviting your new bae, don't do it. Keep work life separate from personal life.
  • Pre-Introduce Family Traditions.  Before you walk your new significant other into your family home where uncle Bill will instantly bring up that time you peed the bed or when your grandmother calls your guy the old guy's name, let your new bf (or gf) in on family secrets. Tip for new relationship: If your family isn't cool and they embarrass you, plan to be somewhere after visiting. It will give you an out.
  • Future In-Law Gifts. Warn your new love that mom plans to put a gift under the tree for him. Give him at least a day to buy even a small gift so he can look just as good.  Tip for a new relationship: A hostess gift along with a gift under the tree will get you far in life. If you're ready, you can even sign the card together so it's not as much pressure on your guy.
  • Sleepwear is G-Rated. Say you get to the point where you are staying at his parent's house Christmas Eve. You know those pajamas you got for him because he said you looked "so hot" in them? Yeah, don't pack them. Tip for a new relationship: He's probably just as nervous and will likely be on guard a little bit more while being at home. You'll lose the moment if you try to be sexy. Give it a couple of days and tell him there's a surprise at home.
  • Create PDA Guidelines. What can you do? Talk about it. Are you holding hands? Are you locking arms? Are you throwing your leg over his on the couch? Can you kiss? Talk about it before you leave so you don't go to lay one on him and he backs away. Tip for a new relationship: No matter what you agree on, it's always best to remain chill on the PDA - at least for the first holiday season. You don't want to be the joke next holiday season.
  • Get Your Cleaning Gloves On. If you're hanging with his family or vice versa, ask to help cleaning or cooking. Tip for a new relationship: Do this move on your own. Don't wait for your girlfriend or boyfriend to connect you with mom to ask. Just walk up and say, "How can I help?"
  • Set Your Phone Alarm. Avoid the whole "good morning" greeting while everyone else is up and dressed and on their second cup of coffee. This isn't a time to sleep in and take it easy. It's a test, friends. Tip for a new relationship: Make a pact that you and your sweetie will greet the family together.
  • Send Love From Afar. Say you aren't with your boo's family. Let them know they are on your mind with a gift or basket or simple delivery. It will look good on you. Tip for a new relationship: Ask what food they are serving or what fun activity they are taking part in and add to it. It's just one more step toward showing them you care.